Not just an expert in Process Automation and Marketing Automation

Francesco Susca Funnel e Marketing Automation

My name is Francesco Susca, and I am an expert in Business and Marketing Automation. For over 10 years, I have been guiding companies towards improving their business through sales-oriented process automation.

Let me briefly share my story and how I got here. It all started with an unusual passion: since I was young, my mission has always been to automate anything in my path to achieve maximum profit.

Over the years and with field experience, I quickly realized that business is no exception: automating key processes amplifies the expected results, but only if done methodically and without overlooking any detail.

Of course, I didn’t understand this immediately. First, I refined my mindset through Engineering studies and started working “with” and “within” companies, understanding their processes, foundations, and mechanisms from the inside.

This led me to specialize as a Management Engineer, with a thesis in Marketing and e-Business Models.

However, manually applying these processes wasn’t enough for me: over time, some of them tended to become repetitive time-wasters for companies.

This is why I focused on Marketing Automation, getting certified in America and other parts of the world on the strategies and the most important tools and CRMs on the market.

I added in-depth knowledge of sales processes, digital and funnel marketing, conversational marketing, advertising (social media and Google ads), and Artificial Intelligence.

I have successfully executed over 1,000 Marketing Automation campaigns and business process automation oriented towards sales. All with excellent results thanks to my scientific method based on outcomes and derived from engineering, making it unique in Italy.

Additionally, I am a contributor, trainer, and speaker for major Italian marketing organizations such as, Ninja Marketing, Ninja Academy, and Digital Innovation Days.

Besides all the specific knowledge, there is one important thing that engineering has given me: a simple yet crucial process that has defined my method.

Francesco Susca Funnel e Marketing Automation