Process Automation and Marketing Automation: boost your business

My proven method, extensive experience, and automatic processes built  “brick by brick” can help you achieve the results you desire. As a certified consultant, I am here to support you on your path to success through Process and Marketing Automation.

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Who I am

If you are looking for a reliable partner for Marketing Automation and Process Automation, you are in the right place.

I am Francesco Susca, a consultant and trainer with over 10 years of experience in helping companies achieve success through the automation of marketing, sales, and business processes.

My goal? To put my passion and skills at the service of your business.

Why an expert in Process Automation
and Marketing Automation?

Social, SEO, Advertising can be effectively used to drive traffic to your website, but to maximize results and convert visitors into customers, Business and Marketing Automation can be valuable allies, even offline.

By using an approach based on Process Automation, you can improve lead generation and customer care by implementing 24/7 active chatbots to respond to customer inquiries, automating sales pipelines to manage contacts efficiently, and utilizing artificial intelligence to predict new sales opportunities. Marketing Automation, on the other hand, allows you to automate numerous marketing activities, such as email sending, contact management, user segmentation, and hyper-personalization of messages.

This allows you to save time, improve the accuracy of your campaigns, and maximize conversion, ensuring that every customer receives the right message at the right time, without wasting investments.

I am a official partner and certified consultant of the best Process and Marketing Automation tools on the market.

My experience and specialized training allow me to make the most of these powerful tools to generate concrete results for your business.

My engineering studies taught me that to achieve an ambitious goal, it is necessary to break the process down into smaller, manageable steps.

It is exactly this working mentality that I bring to every Process Automation consultation or Marketing Automation consultation: building business success “brick by brick,” like a solid and well-planned construction.

Through Process Automation Brick By Brick, we will be able to reach our goals efficiently and securely, ensuring constant and lasting growth for your business.

My method

My services


Process automation and marketing automation are the key to transforming your business, marketing, and sales processes.

With strategic and operational consulting in Marketing Automation and Process Automation, I will help you create a personalized user experience that guides potential customers through the purchase journey, increasing conversions and generating growing revenue for your business.

I will help you optimize your sales processes and improve customer relationships through AI to achieve your business goals.


Become the master of your processes and Marketing Automation with my coaching.

I will help you understand how to automate your sales process and how to generate leads and increase conversions.

I will teach you how to use Marketing Automation tools and how to create a personalized strategy for your business.

With my coaching, you will learn how to improve customer relationships and generate growing revenue for your business.

Contributor, trainer and speaker

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Speaker Marketing Automation Digital Innovation Days

What they say about me

Oscar DalvitMigastone Srl
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Automation is one of the fundamental components for success and achieving great results in marketing, intelligently managing the precious and "costly" leads we painstakingly gather through online advertisements.

Having a professional in this field to rely on is essential for those who think they are not capable or simply do not have the time to follow this important aspect.

I believe the real added value of an automation professional is experience, gained in the field with a multitude of tools and the art of knowing how to put them together in the right way to achieve the final result: more revenue and profits (and therefore also lower costs).
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Userei solo tre parole per definire Francesco: Competente, Imprenditoriale, Professionale.

Consiglierei Francesco a chiunque voglia inserire la Marketing Automation nella propria azienda.
Anna RominaMirko Tartufi
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The quality of personalized consulting tailored to my needs with the utmost clarity and precision. I would recommend his support to other entrepreneurs.